Panels Of Stone Veneer. Incredibly Easy To Install.

When we say that imitation stone veneer panels are the best solution for any type or remodeling and construction, we really mean it.

See how great these projects look.

At first glance someone may think that real stone is a better deal.

The important thing to consider is that what most customers are not really looking at real stone. What they see is actually called cast stone. These are block of concrete made to look like different shapes of stone and brick.

Real stone is at a price level of its own and definitely outside the budget of most people.

Now, when it comes to cast stone you will notice that, because of its weight, the surface behind the stone needs to be reinforced so if drywall is present it may not hold the blocks.

With imitation stone veneer panels all you need to do is glue them and screw them on virtually any surface.
For interior job you may even use adhesive and finish nails (or long brad nails) with a nail gun!

If you have to create a corner or turn, and do not want to purchase the matching interlocking corners, you may even miter- cut these panels and create a perfect finished look. Here is one example -at a not completed step –¬† where you can see how it screws have been used to glue the two pieces together.



Corner created with Antico Elements stone panels
Corner created with Antico Elements stone panels

The advantages are usually too many to list.

Give these panels a try. You won’t regret it.

Building Stone Posts With Stone Veneer.

The concept of stone columns has a wide range of applications, from mailbox post, railing to fence posts. They can be made or rocks, stones, cast stone, cultured stone, stone veneer, faux stone, stone panels, cinder blocks and more.

Each of these materials has its own intrinsic characteristics.
If one absorbs water, the other repels it quite well. One may have its colors fade under the sun but the other could be sold with UV-rated finishes.

One has to pay attention to these properties in order to obtain a long-term benefit from the application of these faux stone columns. Cast stone is usually affordable but it is both heavy and requires a considerable amount of man-hour to get it installed, grouted and sealed. If one takes into consideration a faux stone veneer product he or she can quickly find some major difference.

Stone Post Wraps For Decks
Stone Post Wraps For Decks

If comparing real stone veneer to stone veneer panels one can easily see how they do not stack up against each other. Real stone veneer is both heavy and expensive to install. Faux stone veneer is light and quick to install.

Many of the cast or real stones have an issue with maintenance. The fact they absorb water is the leading cause of dark streaks and mold growing on them.

Faux stone columns should be pretty easy to install, particularly if it is a homeowner or a small contractor taking care of it. Here are some instructions:

Using materials that are heavy, difficult to cut to size, expensive to ship, that are not waterproof and that absorb water, is really not a good way to create a stone post.

Always take a look at faux stone to make sure you understand the difference between old materials and innovative ones.