Designing Homes With Stone Walls.

Stone walls have always been part of many architectural styles as well as residential interior and exterior designs. Even if the concept of sustainability to some seems to be something of a given and which was present in the past decades, to some today it has a new meaning. It has shifted throughout the time based on the current trends.


For many the sustainability factor of stone elements can always have a dual meaning. To some a stone wall is intrinsically sustainable by virtue of its long-lasting properties. Although this is somehow true, with the way modern construction is growing, the employments of such natural materials many not be a viable and sustainable solution. The resources online are many. Let us take a quick look at this video:

Using natural materials in general but for the home construction business in particular, is starting to erode on the fragile relation between nature and humans. Natural material can now be used to a certain extent because of their limited availability.

Thanks to new materials though, the concept of sustainable and “green” is forcing the market to come up with new product to use for stone wall construction. It is not unusual to find new companies that offer imitation materials like stone and rocks that can be used instead of real stone. Tlook at this, as an example:

To many the concept of environment impact and sustainability is still new but it is surely catching up with most of us. In an age where we have very little time to sit down and explore the best options to avoid a negative impact to the surrounding world we also have new resources to help us in making such informed decision, which will ultimately take to a place were quality of life and beautiful designs can coexist.