Creating A Faux Brick Veneer Wall

Recreating a old style stone or brick wall is an aim and necessity we have witnessed for thousands of years.

In history brick walls were constructed to establish boundaries between properties. It was also vastly used in every building as it was the only material available to construct something resilient that would withstand the rigors of time and weather.

Use of brick veneer panels

Today things are very different. There is no need to use brick to build load-bearing walls.
Building materials are more affordable and different from brick. Faux brick veneer is now more of a luxury and used as an architectural or design accent. Much cheaper materials can be used to erect walls or to create dividers inside a building. Today’s best option to create a brick wall is to use faux brick veneer panels that will create a beautiful look while saving money.

Faux brick wall panels in honeycomb color

Today brick walls can not only be created quickly and in a short time but if necessary they can be unscrewed and replaced with a different color or style.

You can’t say that back in the days brick walls could be repaired or moved this easily.
The advantage of using faux veneer are many. Imagine you had to order enough full brick for a large wall from half across the country. The shipping cost would definitely make you thing twice about using this material. Using fake brick panels will allow you to save on transportation, handling and installation thanks to its light weight.