Panels Of Stone Veneer. Incredibly Easy To Install.

When we say that imitation stone veneer panels are the best solution for any type or remodeling and construction, we really mean it.

See how great these projects look.

At first glance someone may think that real stone is a better deal.

The important thing to consider is that what most customers are not really looking at real stone. What they see is actually called cast stone. These are block of concrete made to look like different shapes of stone and brick.

Real stone is at a price level of its own and definitely outside the budget of most people.

Now, when it comes to cast stone you will notice that, because of its weight, the surface behind the stone needs to be reinforced so if drywall is present it may not hold the blocks.

With imitation stone veneer panels all you need to do is glue them and screw them on virtually any surface.
For interior job you may even use adhesive and finish nails (or long brad nails) with a nail gun!

If you have to create a corner or turn, and do not want to purchase the matching interlocking corners, you may even miter- cut these panels and create a perfect finished look. Here is one example -at a not completed step –  where you can see how it screws have been used to glue the two pieces together.



Corner created with Antico Elements stone panels
Corner created with Antico Elements stone panels

The advantages are usually too many to list.

Give these panels a try. You won’t regret it.

Creating A Faux Brick Veneer Wall

Recreating a old style stone or brick wall is an aim and necessity we have witnessed for thousands of years.

In history brick walls were constructed to establish boundaries between properties. It was also vastly used in every building as it was the only material available to construct something resilient that would withstand the rigors of time and weather.

Use of brick veneer panels

Today things are very different. There is no need to use brick to build load-bearing walls.
Building materials are more affordable and different from brick. Faux brick veneer is now more of a luxury and used as an architectural or design accent. Much cheaper materials can be used to erect walls or to create dividers inside a building. Today’s best option to create a brick wall is to use faux brick veneer panels that will create a beautiful look while saving money.

Faux brick wall panels in honeycomb color

Today brick walls can not only be created quickly and in a short time but if necessary they can be unscrewed and replaced with a different color or style.

You can’t say that back in the days brick walls could be repaired or moved this easily.
The advantage of using faux veneer are many. Imagine you had to order enough full brick for a large wall from half across the country. The shipping cost would definitely make you thing twice about using this material. Using fake brick panels will allow you to save on transportation, handling and installation thanks to its light weight.

Designing Homes With Stone Walls.

Stone walls have always been part of many architectural styles as well as residential interior and exterior designs. Even if the concept of sustainability to some seems to be something of a given and which was present in the past decades, to some today it has a new meaning. It has shifted throughout the time based on the current trends.


For many the sustainability factor of stone elements can always have a dual meaning. To some a stone wall is intrinsically sustainable by virtue of its long-lasting properties. Although this is somehow true, with the way modern construction is growing, the employments of such natural materials many not be a viable and sustainable solution. The resources online are many. Let us take a quick look at this video:

Using natural materials in general but for the home construction business in particular, is starting to erode on the fragile relation between nature and humans. Natural material can now be used to a certain extent because of their limited availability.

Thanks to new materials though, the concept of sustainable and “green” is forcing the market to come up with new product to use for stone wall construction. It is not unusual to find new companies that offer imitation materials like stone and rocks that can be used instead of real stone. Tlook at this, as an example:

To many the concept of environment impact and sustainability is still new but it is surely catching up with most of us. In an age where we have very little time to sit down and explore the best options to avoid a negative impact to the surrounding world we also have new resources to help us in making such informed decision, which will ultimately take to a place were quality of life and beautiful designs can coexist.

Building Stone Posts With Stone Veneer.

The concept of stone columns has a wide range of applications, from mailbox post, railing to fence posts. They can be made or rocks, stones, cast stone, cultured stone, stone veneer, faux stone, stone panels, cinder blocks and more.

Each of these materials has its own intrinsic characteristics.
If one absorbs water, the other repels it quite well. One may have its colors fade under the sun but the other could be sold with UV-rated finishes.

One has to pay attention to these properties in order to obtain a long-term benefit from the application of these faux stone columns. Cast stone is usually affordable but it is both heavy and requires a considerable amount of man-hour to get it installed, grouted and sealed. If one takes into consideration a faux stone veneer product he or she can quickly find some major difference.

Stone Post Wraps For Decks
Stone Post Wraps For Decks

If comparing real stone veneer to stone veneer panels one can easily see how they do not stack up against each other. Real stone veneer is both heavy and expensive to install. Faux stone veneer is light and quick to install.

Many of the cast or real stones have an issue with maintenance. The fact they absorb water is the leading cause of dark streaks and mold growing on them.

Faux stone columns should be pretty easy to install, particularly if it is a homeowner or a small contractor taking care of it. Here are some instructions:

Using materials that are heavy, difficult to cut to size, expensive to ship, that are not waterproof and that absorb water, is really not a good way to create a stone post.

Always take a look at faux stone to make sure you understand the difference between old materials and innovative ones.

Tips for Constructing Your Home Theater System

Apparently, more and more people are getting on-board with the stone veneer panels movement. It only makes good sense when you consider the great stone quality of these building materials. Considering the many stone prices and styles, it’s simply natural to want the most impressive look.

One of the first design objectives of a great number of homeowners is often a well-built stone wall or imitation stone, whichever looks best for the price. The crucial element to creating great stone walls is proper positioning of your veneer panels. The only real issue to face is the actual, proper installation of them. If these stone veneer panels are installed by starting with a curved line, the rest of the process will give a terrible looking wall with gaps and uneven seams. It is always best to spend a bit of time in the beginning rather than spending days to repair a completed project!

Well created panel seam
Well created panel seam

Several new stone veneer resellers are using block by block stone systems to solve this problem. If this provides a temporary solution for some, for most homeowners the cost of moving these cast or cultured types of stone doesn’t provide the best solution overall. Setting small block of stone, one at a time, doesn’t only require a lot of time and expensive labor but you need to spend time and money preparing the structure behind.
So, keep always in mind not to cut corners. You can still order stone veneer panels that are affordable and easy to use by following the instructions. They are very easy to put up.

Of course, you will need a good quality stone veneer to have a realistic texture. Today you can find few high-end stone veneer in sheets that are affordable. Just make sure to take your time researching them. You will find them.
Also try to order samples before paying for the whole order.

One other thing to be careful with is the pressure that some vendors put on the shopper. If they suggest not requesting samples beforehand, you should probably be cautious.

Painting And Remodeling The Interior Of Your Home – Must-Have Tips

You, like many are possibly looking for something that can help you, and it seems many others are, to come up an affordable solution to improve your home.

It is tough to say with certainty how many people understand its importance, today. Many people tend to skim and scan when they read, habit from the internet, but that is not recommended when you read informative material because you will miss things that can help you. This article was produced from the perspective of looking at the overall which should at least touch on some of your concerns.,

But with all that said, our knowledge of this subject is quite solid which allows us to feel confident the following will be of service to you.

Millions of people really love doing home improvement projects, and with good reason! Improving your home, condo or town home to make it even more pleasant is very fun. You can find lots of projects that need doing by simply taking a good look around your home. Lots of people must work with a budget, however the good thing is you needn’t do everything in one go. Starting off with an action plan is good, then you should try to do the cheapest project first. In this article we will be discussing various exterior home improvement ideas that should motivate you to get started.

People tend to consider their driveways as big project to complete. To be honest, there are much bigger projects than doing a driveway. It all boils down to what you want to do though. Inspecting your driveway thoroughly is a good place to start. You should keep an eye out for big cracks, because a lot of the time sorting the cracks will be important. Lots of people get their driveways blacktopped. That process involves laying down a petroleum-based coating that will add a certain appeal due to the black color. In addition to this, it will also hide any marks that may have been there, as well as protect against all types of weather. Never forget the most important part of this is you plus you’re moving forward after reading about the driveways here. What you do with this information is totally up to you, but we hope that it does not just gather dust in your head.

If you want things to change in a positive way, then you need to find a way to motivate yourself on a daily basis. There is really a form of momentum in our lives, and the hard part for most is just simply getting started.

Everybody with a need to know this information can do something with it; just make sure you are one who does. After saying all of that, it is time to move forward.

Installing an aquarium that is recessed in the wall is another fun home improvement project to consider. When done right, these can be truly beautiful. There is nothing really difficult about this, either. Where you do it is the key factor, however, as you will need to have space behind the wall. Some people leave a small space behind the tank for easy access. The lighting needs to be taken into consideration, as well. You will need to consider additional factors if you want to run a saltwater reef tank.

Getting a contractor to put plastic siding onto the exterior of your property may be the best option, but if you think you can do it yourself go for it. Those people who do things themselves should exercise extreme caution when working at heights. Be sure to use smart ladder safety principles, too. It is extremely important that you do not nail your plastic siding too hard. Don’t drive the nails in too hard, otherwise they’ll distort the siding. Your house will have an odd-looking appearance upon closer inspection if you do this. The best way to redo you siding is to use faux stone siding materials that come in convenient panels. You can have a retaining or free-standing stone wall with veneer panels.

It is always important to be safe and to wear protective gear when doing projects around the house. If you are using any type of blade or rotating saw, make sure you wear the proper safety equipment. When purchasing landscaping material, make sure that it accentuates all of the positive aspects of your home in every way possible.

As we always say, it is usually the little things that can turn out to be the most important. But do not feel shy about exploring anything that you feel may shed more light on this. Then, since you know it is important, simply drill down to discover more about it.

Then it is up to you as to move forward with a linear consideration to the topic, or in any other direction.

Get an Outdoor Fireplace

Possibly the best solutions to make your outdoor patio, as well as back garden a enjoyable destination to hang out has been the addition of a backyard fireplace system. Just imagine that you will be kicking back outside on a refreshing evening and you’re simply experiencing and enjoying the warmth on the open fireplace in your back garden. You may roast marshmallows or to bask within the shine of an fire. Let’s look at some of the different types of stone fireplace kits that you can get.

Scaled-down Fire Pits

You could find most of these just in about any retail outlet like Lowes or Home Depot. There are small and encompass a circular pit by using a nylon upper over-top of it. You set logs inside it and light them to leave the fireplace. They are generally located at the center of some chairs and tables. These types of spaces are rather affordable and also necessitate virtually no assembly. They are a great choice for anyone hunting for a straightforward strategy to convey a fireplace thus to their outdoors region.

Outdoor fireplace units

Should you be looking pertaining to something much more bizarre, you then want to look in to obtaining a brick or even gemstone outdoor fireplace. A lot of these units are much bigger than the actual fire pits and may be some five or six feet in height. You receive these people through a variety of marketers (ex. Perfect Outdoor) and assemble them when they go to your house.

Most of these outside fireplaces contain a wide range of treasure since they look stunning when they can be getting rid of. They commonly make use of real logs and manufactured fire logs, numerous of which can use gas for the fire.

Among the list of problems involving exterior fireplace kits include the price. They aren’t the least expensive method for the reason that many of them may cost a few thousand dollars.If you have the funds, then you will surely find a real value in changing the aesthetic of your space.

A great and new alternative to natural stone fireplaces is the implementation of faux stone panels or stone wall veneers as an option. These panels and veneers are offered at much more reasonable prices and can cut the cost of labor almost in half due to the easy installation. Stone Wall veneers and panels come lightweight and very durable in material but can also serve as protection when added to a fireplace or pit. Great in designs, stone walls and veneer panels may just be the trick to revitalize a fireplace or fire pit.

Exterior Painting And The Rewards of Stone Veneer Panels

Every few years, our residences need a brand-new look. Some of us attempt to avoid it, hoping that if we ignore the exterior painting job at hand, it will somehow vanish. What we all ought to understand is how crucial the exterior is to our home.

A home’s exterior paint is its only method of protection the property has from the outside weather. There are now ways to revamp the look of the exterior of a home without the mess and hassle of paints and still protecting the property. Stone veneer panels can now be used on the interior as well as the exterior of the home. These stone veneers are made from some of the strongest components on the market and can withstand different temperatures and climates. With hot, humid summers, the house endures a remarkable amount of abuse. Even in the winter seasons, the climate can be dreadful, but the stone veneer panels will outlast all seasons without deteriorating. Paint was once the only factor that stands between all this and the home’s exterior siding but stone veneers are the new protection for homes in the 21st century.

An excellent stone veneer product will seal your home from the elements. Without this kind of protective barrier, your home will run the risk of allowing water to seep in exactly where it is not sealed. Water, mold, and wetness are definitely a residence’s worst enemy and could have much higher consequence in just a short amount of time, necessitating costly repairs and expensive overhauls later on. Do yourself a favor and invest in stone veneer panels today!

After months of having this post on our blog we have realized how many people have used this information to change the way they addressed wall decoration. This is a very common trend; so many people are not aware of new products and for this reason they resort to painting walls even while knowing that it is not a long-lasting solution.
Knowledge is the key.

Upgrading Bathrooms With Stone Wall Veneers

Setting up inexpensive stone wall veneers is an easy way to make the bathroom even more satisfying. The wall colors and patterns in the rest room are regarded as very significant things that need to be well chosen to produce a relaxing ambiance.

These days, there are huge varieties of stonewall veneers which are readily accessible on the market presenting several options to decide on. These veneer panels commonly differ in designs in order to match the preferences of the people, which include traditional, innovative, and contemporary, amongst others. An example of this can be seen at

Given that almost all the homes now have modern-day influenced rest room, selecting the contemporary stone veneer is absolutely vital to suit with the look of the space. There are actually different kinds of bathroom lighting options like the wall mount that can complement your veneer panels perfectly. Before choosing bathroom lighting, it is extremely significant to figure out the main function of the lighting fixture in the area. The contemporary stone look can establish a fashionable theme in the restroom while maintaining cost efficiency. For a more elegant looking bathroom, deciding on the perfect stone pattern might make all the difference.

Hanging Pictures and Frames In The Home

In order to make a home look lived in as well as artfully
decorated, many people like to hang art pieces and photographs on the walls.
How to hang a picture properly and how to choose the right frame are important
things to look up first. Photo frames come in all sorts of styles and putting
them just on the wall is very important.

Buying the right piece of artwork for a home is a critical
decision to make. Most people forget that once upon a time, buying art was,
actually, an investment. With care, a person can choose a sophisticated original
art piece and take care of it for a very long time. Later on, this piece can be
sold or passed on to family members, making its value double and sometimes
triple as it changes hands. Another great idea for wall decor other than art
would be the use and installation of bricks or stones. These installations can
add a dramatic element to a room or impact a space

Typically, a piece of art is placed on a wall with care to what
other lines there are in the room it’s in. People want to take into consideration
where the windows in the room are, where door frames are, as well as the
location of other pieces of furniture. The frame needs to line up properly with
other important features of a room, as well as keeping the picture out of the
way of high traffic.

While taking the other furniture in a room into consideration is a
good thing, it can sometimes be a mistake. Furniture rarely costs as much as a
fine art piece. It’s not difficult to create different settings with furniture
either. If an artwork is more than the cost of the furnishings of a room, it’s
likely that the furniture should be moved to suit the painting, rather than the
other way around. The art is the first thing people should be presented with
when they enter a room.

Framing a piece of art is critical. It’s now possible for people
to do the framing from the comfort of their own homes, by uploading it onto a
website that has a frame building option. The different styles and types of
frames can be compared to the art piece so that the right frame is chosen.
Things to look at would be the texture, color and any other options available
for framing a piece. People can look over all these choices without ever having
to leave the house.